Thank You committed co-sponsors for supporting our Meetings in 2014!


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Dear OWCAM Member,

RE: 2015 OWCAM Sponsorship Package:

As the President of OWCAM, I would like to personally thank each and every one of you for your dedication to OWCAM. Historically OWCAM has provided educational meetings to our membership at no cost to individual attendees per meeting. We have relied on sponsors to cover the costs of meetings and events and we thank all that have contributed to the success of OWCAM by providing these sponsorships. The OWCAM Board of Directors agree that by continuing to allow our membership to attend educational meetings at no individual cost, we create situations where managing members and affiliate members may network to develop current and potential future client relationships as well as increase all OWCAM member's industry expertise by providing cutting edge educational seminars for the multiple ever changing fields that we are engaged in. One exciting enhancement to OWCAM is the website redesign that we will be completing in early 2015 that will also include a section for e-commerce allowing members to quickly and easily pay for memberships/sponsorships online.

At this time, OWCAM is seeking sponsors for 2015 so that we may continue our road to excellence. Please see the attached 2015 OWCAM sponsorship package. The OWCAM Marketing Committee has worked hard to create a streamlined ala carte sponsorship package form with a menu type approach. This sponsorship package will allow you to decide what types of events you may wish to sponsor and to what levels. The package also lists the benefits of sponsorship that your company will receive for each of the various sponsorship levels.

Please select your sponsorship opportunities on the form and submit the completed form with payment BEFORE DECEMBER 31, 2014 by sending to the OWCAM executive administrator, Julia Neufeld, contact information listed below:

11954 NE Glisan St., PMB #302
Portland, OR 97220

Phone: (503) 957-9169

If you have any questions about the sponsorship form, any of the levels of sponsorship, or how many individual sponsorship levels are still available, please do not hesitate to contact Julia Neufeld or OWCAM President, Steve Meyer. Steve may be reached at 503.445.1216 or by emailing at

Thank you so much for your support to OWCAM in 2015. We couldn't do this without you!

2015 OWCAM Sponsorship Form / 2015 OWCAM Membership Form

A Night Out with OWCAM at Hobo's & The Portland Shanghai Tunnels

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New Members:

We need more new member recommendations! Please refer.
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EXPO Update !

After much deliberation, and due to the already scheduled existing shows and opportunities for our industry, the OWCAM Board of Directors is postponing the 2014 OWCAM EXPO until early 2015. The date will be determined and posted very soon.

We realize each of our members (individuals and companies) have schedules and budgets to consider, and we feel it is imperative that we capture the most attendance on behalf of our entire membership.

In place of the 2014 OWCAM Expo, the Marketing committee is planning several events throughout the year and affiliate members will have opportunities at these events to meet with managers and promote their products/services.

More information to come on this soon.
We are committed to you and a very successful EXPO!

Legal Update:

OWCAM Adopts Collection Policy Resolution during it's July Board of Directors meeting, the OWCAM Board adopted a Collections Policy Resolution to help in the recovery of unpaid invoices. The Resolution can be reviewed or downloaded here.

Here's some interesting industry data from CAI:

There are an estimated 60,000 community association managers; 10,000 community assoc. management companies.